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Regeneration Health International
Who We Are

In 2021, a team of scientists, farmers, activists, artists, physicians, and lawyers came together to facilitate and catalyze a global movement and alliance dedicated to regenerating personal and public health, based on the fundamental principle that food is medicine, and that human health, both mental and physical, is directly related to societal, environmental, and planetary health.

We call this “collaboratory” Regeneration Health International (RHI), a sister organization to Regeneration International, dedicated to the principles and implementation of regenerative, organic food, farming and land use. We are totally a solutions-based global organization supplying solutions on how to heal yourself, your family and our planet that are desperately needed.

We believe that a global network of Regeneration Health educators, advocates, practitioners, consumers, businesses, and organizations can come together to create a qualitatively more powerful and effective synergy between movements that are currently doing good work, but that are generally working in relative isolation from one another including organic and regenerative food and farming networks and organizations, organic food and natural health practitioners, consumers, businesses, and environmental, environmental health, and climate movements.

Regeneration Health on an international and planetary scale is obviously a long-term, world-changing project. We believe that our primary first task as RHI is to concentrate on changing the global conversation on health and health care, utilizing and amplifying preexisting voices, media, and institutions, as well as creating new media and educational outlets and platforms. Our goal is to educate and mobilize a crucial mass of civil society and the body politic to understand that healthy, nutrient dense organic food is medicine, and the human health is directly linked to planetary health.

On a local-to-global scale, we must educate and demonstrate the fact, based upon mounting evidence, that modern industrial, Big Pharma medicine, just like industrial agriculture, has failed to regenerate our health. An overemphasis on maximizing corporate profits and treating under the principle of pill for ill medicine, primarily utilizing patented pharmaceutical drugs, ignoring dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors, has brought us to our present predicament.

In regard to identifying, publicizing, financing, and scaling-up regenerative best practices, we’re not only referring to the techniques and modalities that work best, but also to the projects, organizations, products, public policies, and financing that have the greatest potential to expand and scale these best practices up so that Regeneration Health International and regenerative practices become the norm, rather than the alternative.

Regeneration Health International’s (RHI) website will go live on June 1st.
The website is

Please join us as we move forward to regenerate our health and the health of the planet.