What’s Making the Amish Children Sick?

RHI Advisor, Michelle Perro, MD, had a privileged visit with the Amish community, to help educate families and farmers what may be causing some of the health issues in their own children.  A summary of her findings can be found here:

•A recent visit and conference with members of the Amish community in central Pennsylvania revealed surprising health challenges facing Amish children

•I spent time researching and discussing issues regarding Amish children’s health directly on the farm with their community

•Although faring better than their age-matched American counterparts, Amish children still displayed evidence of gut issues, neurocognitive dysfunction and prominent dental problems

•Dependence on chemical farming as well as the consumption of ultra processed foods were largely responsible for the disappointing health report card

•The culprit can be traced back to food contamination, GMOs and their associated pesticides, due to the fact that Amish children are largely protected from the other typical environmental hazards experienced by their American counterparts