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What’s Making the Amish Children Sick?

By Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM 10/26/2022

A recent visit with the Amish in central Pennsylvania with RHI Advisor, Michelle Perro, MD, revealed some significant concerns about their children.

The New MDS: Moms, Doctors, and Scientists

By RHI 10/11/2022

Zen Honeycutt and RHI Advisors, Stephanie Seneff and Michelle Perro, join together in conversation with Alexis Baden-Mayer regarding the newly published study by moms on the toxic ingredients lurking in our children’s school lunches. The podcast can be listened to here. A summary of the study can be read here. The entire study can be […]

Moms Across America has Tested Public School Lunches for Toxicity and Nutritional Value, and the News is Not Good.

By Stephanie Seneff 10/07/2022

Moms Across America (MAA) is a nonprofit consumer group founded by Zen Honeycutt that advocates for lifestyles that support good health and longevity. A particular focus of the group has been the issue of pesticide contamination in foods, especially the pervasive herbicide glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup).

TNT Radio: Dr Michelle Perro on What’s Making Our Children Sick?

By John O'Sullivan 09/27/2022

Although foods derived from GE crops have gone from non-existent in 1994 to ubiquitous in nearly 3 decades, not a single study has compared humans who eat them to those who don’t. It is clearly in the public interest to enable science-based decisions about foods and food-like ingredients derived from GE crops and animals in our diets. Research on the untoward effects of GE crops on human and animal health, as well as their effects on the environment, should be undertaken.

Bt and GMOs

By Dr. Andre Leu 09/26/2022

Introduced into our food supply without study or accountability, limited data shows significant evidence of inflammation and health harm.

Farming without Herbicides

By Dr. Andre Leu 09/12/2022

GMOs have failed as a technology as the constant use of herbicides as the only weeding strategy has caused the development of many species of herbicide-tolerant super seeds. The response has been to genetically modify more crops to be tolerant of multiple toxic herbicides. This has dramatically increased the use of these pesticides with all their adverse health and environmental outcomes.

A Cut Above: The Many Benefits of Grass-Fed Meat

By Melissa Diane Smith 08/25/2022

The nutritional and environmental benefits of consuming grass-fed meat, including improved human and soil health, are discussed by RHI guest writer, Melissa Diane Smith. An explanation on how to interpret ‘Grass-Fed’ labels is a must-read for our eaters/readers.

7 ways to instill healthier eating habits in your kids—and why it matters

By Dr. Ronald Hoffman 08/19/2022

Eating a whole-food organic diet, free from processed foods, is imperative in creating a healthy internal milieu for your child and family members. These habits create life-long excellence in decision making regarding food preparation and choices, especially when the birds leave the nest.

Well Being: Organic Food

By Robert W Malone MD, MS 08/19/2022

Dr. Robert Malone, physician scientist, and inventor of the mRNA technology presently being promoted, once a self-proclaimed skeptic of organic food consumption, does an 180 degree about-face and shares a thorough and thoughtful analysis on why glyphosate-based herbicides are harmful to our health

Project Highlight: Northeast Grass-Fed Beef Initiative

By RHI 08/11/2022

The Northeast Grass-Fed Beef Initiative partners with farmers to support transitions to regenerative, cattle-based systems that help restore ecosystem health and revitalize rural economies. Regenerative Methods Regenerative grazing and pasture management practices can revitalize Northeast landscapes and communities. Our evidence-based approach combines multi-paddock rotational grazing methods with whole farm strategic planning, empowering farmers to build […]