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Can we talk about Regenerative Agriculture?

By A Growing Culture 05/29/2022

As an organisation, we’ve always had a complicated relationship with regenerative agriculture; this is probably no surprise to anyone who has followed our work for any length of time. But in some ways, we’ve shied away from really diving into the conversation, partly just because it’s really complicated and difficult to talk about things that […]

Big Farms, Empty Food, Chronic Disease

By ANH-USA 05/29/2022

Modern agriculture has made food plentiful and abundant—but not healthy. Half of the American population have chronic diseases, utilizing 86 percent of health care dollars. Oftentimes the blame is placed on those who are ill for their lifestyle choices. But the numbers tell a different story: as small farmers started getting squeezed out of food […]

Farming Nature’s Way

By Stephanie Seneff 05/29/2022

Highlights •Noni trees are a medicinal fruit tree that is native to a large area across Asia and Australia. •Noni was popular among the ancient Polynesians for its many beneficial phytochemicals and its ability to ease pain topically. •Steve and Richele Frailey have been cultivating Noni trees on a certified organic farm in Kauai since […]

Microbiome Health for Kids: The Effects of Pesticides in the Diet

By Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM 05/29/2022

The microbiome is finally being recognized and valued for its crucial role in creating and maintaining a robust immune system. We’ve all been inundated with information on how to best boost our immunity, so that if/when we become part of the population that contracts COVID-19 (30-70%), we are empowered to also be part of the […]

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

By Melissa Diane Smith 05/29/2022

At-A-Glance •Unlike industrial agriculture, regenerative agriculture improves the land rather than depletes it. •Regenerative agriculture uses practices that regenerate and revitalize the soil and the environment. •Regenerative agriculture sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to convert into soil organic matter, thereby mitigating climate change •Regenerative agriculture increases levels of soil organic matter, which leads to […]