We are here to teach you how food can be your medicine. How we create real WHOLE-ISTIC HEALTH is guiding you away from PHARMA to FARM, concomitantly regenerating our healthy selves and the soil as we REGAIN the TERRAIN.


Whole-istic Health

Individuals are part of an environmental-health-well-being ecosystem. To maximize this relationship, the health of the individual is achieved only while simultaneously healing our planet. Healthy soil, plants, animals, and people are all part of the same web. The way forward is to move beyond Pill for Ill medicine and reorient our health system to a food-focused medical model. We promote a shift away from the prescription pad to farmers’ markets and our kitchens. How and where we grow our food is the key integral factor to health. Our mission is to educate the way forward to achieve Whole-istic Health.


Pharma to Farm

At the core of the current health paradigm is the notion that a daily dose of various prescription pharmaceutical drugs is necessary to maintain good health. Mainstream medicine does not educate or promote nutritional medicine. It is clear that our health is slipping away with rates of chronic diseases skyrocketing. Consumer pressure from a well-informed population can help us as a global society move away from highly processed and chemical-laden foods, derived from the industrialized mega-farms that permeate our landscapes. Our mission is to educate people on the importance of consuming wholesome organic foods every day, produced by small, local and regional (if possible) farms, based on regenerative, chemical-free agricultural methods, thus moving from Pharma to Farm.


Regain the Terrain

The World Health Organization admits that the global epidemic of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, is the leading cause of mortality in the world. These diseases are not transmissible. The cocktail of pesticides in industrial foods along with the serious lack of key nutrients caused by their toxic agricultural practices are major causative factors in this pandemic of multiple chronic diseases. Evidence-based science demonstrates that organic foods produced in healthy, nutrient-enriched soils, without toxic synthetic pesticides, chemical inputs and GMOs, have higher levels of nutrition, especially antioxidants that protect against these chronic diseases.


Latest Articles

You Asked! We Listened 🙂
Do Carbon Filters Eliminate Glyphosate?

By Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM 01/19/2023

Reader Kathryn L. asks whether carbon filters can eliminate glyphosate from her drinking water.  Good question!  This is what we found out… As per the EPA, studies show that glyphosate is effectively removed with activated-carbon methods, as well as chlorine […]

GlyphoWHAT? The Daily Poisoning of Our Children

By Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM 12/28/2022

Our children are consuming a daily dose of poison. Parents are unaware of the great harm befallen our most vulnerable. And for those parents who attempt to thwart the daily dose of poison, children consume it at school.

How Do We Read Scientific Studies?
With a Perspective on a Simulated Study on Genetic Engineering

By Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM 12/08/2022

There has never been a more important time than the present to understand not only genetically engineered organisms, but the research behind their propagation and promotion.

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Big Farms, Empty Food, Chronic Disease

By ANH-USA 05/29/2022

Modern agriculture has made food plentiful and abundant—but not healthy. Half of the American population have chronic diseases, utilizing 86 percent of health care dollars. Oftentimes the blame is placed on those who are ill for their lifestyle choices. But […]

Farming Nature’s Way

By Stephanie Seneff 05/29/2022

Highlights •Noni trees are a medicinal fruit tree that is native to a large area across Asia and Australia. •Noni was popular among the ancient Polynesians for its many beneficial phytochemicals and its ability to ease pain topically. •Steve and […]

Latest Articles

Floating Wetlands: A Possible Solution to Urban Pollution

By Stephanie Seneff 11/28/2022

Floating wetlands are man-made artificial platforms that support the growth of aquatic plants in water that is typically too deep for them. There is an expanding technology that is gaining popularity in urban areas that involves installing multiple floating wetlands […]

Pesticides and the Crisis in Children’s Health

By Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, DHOM 11/18/2022

RHI Advisor, Dr. Michelle Perro, picks up on the discussion presented by Dr. Leu regarding the crisis in children’s health from the pervasive usage of pesticides, with a global focus and an lens on African children. Read The Full Article on […]

There Is No Need For GMO Maize: Regenerative Organic Agriculture Produces Higher Yields

By Dr. Andre Leu, D.Sc., BA Com., Grad Dip Ed 11/18/2022

RHI Advisor, Dr. Andre Leu, takes a deep dive into organic agriculture via a risk/benefits analysis, with a nod to Mexico’s cutting edge stance on phasing out glyphosate and imported GMOs. An overview of the harm from chemical farming with a focus on children’s health and development is discussed and referenced.