RHI Partners

RHI is newly launched with the intention of providing education on nature’s food as medicine in conjunction with regenerative agriculture to the moveable middle, and those who consider nature’s food as medicine. We are a solutions-based group from diverse backgrounds working together to re-empower individuals to take control of their health via the pantry and not the prescription pad. To achieve this end, we believe that partnerships, collaborations and cross-sharing of information, content and research with like-minded colleagues, and creating a large and collegial network is one of the key components to achieve our stated goals.

Statistics show that in order to create paradigm shifts in health and education, people integrate information and create lasting changes when they see pertinent subject matter more than once. That is why cross-sharing of content when appropriate moves mountains. Mercola, CHD, Organic Consumers Association, and larger organizations share and repost content all the time. Together we will be victorious. As Jan Phillips says, “Now is the time, and we are the ones.” I modified it to say, “now is the time, and we are the ones TOGETHER.”

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine